Purple Solutions Book Release on June 22; will be available on Amazon after that.

About Me

My Work

I am Daniel Sem, coauthor and editor of the Purple Solutions book. I also serve as Director of the Rx Think Tank, and as Dean of Business at Concordia University. I have over 25 years experience  as a professor and as a healthcare entrepreneur, trying to find better ways to improve health outcomes for everyone - whether it be through new medicines, or new ways to deliver healthcare to patient-consumers. I am a passionate advocate for healthcare consumers, and for the front-line providers of healthcare, and want to help drive  a grassroots healthcare revolution to provide better, more affordable care to all Americans. What we have now is broken in many ways, but could easily be the best healthcare delivery system in the world - if only our politicians would listen to facts, data, sound logic, economic principles, and be willing to compromise to find bipartisan solutions that work for all of us.

My Community

This book is a project of the Remedium eXchange, RxThinkTank. The vision of the think tank is to increase Quality, Access, and Affordability of healthcare for all, in a patient-centered and consumer-driven healthcare delivery model. 

Join My Journey

Let me know if you want to join this grassroots healthcare revolution, and become part of the think tank, or to just be on the mailing list. Our mission is to provide information, resources and support to policy makers, healthcare  innovators, patients and providers, to help them consumerize healthcare;  and, to accomplish this by incentivizing, educating and empowering  patients and providers so they can make their own healthcare decisions –  so market forces can drive down cost and increase quality